The Energy Department mission is to ensure the stable and continuous production of electrical energy (from steam turbines and generators) and steam (industrial boilers) for all the needs of the CSS (sugar processing, plantations, etc.).

The department is comprised of three services :

  • IJT/GTA with a 42 bar and 150 t/h bagasse boiler, a 25 MW turbo generator, bagasse storage and handling;
  • Power plant/BR with 3 bagasse/heavy fuel oil boilers at 42 bars and 40 t/h, and 4 turbine-generator units from 3 to 10 MW, the plant’s air compressors;
  • Generators with 16 generators from 0.3 to 2 MW.

The three services gather together around 150 people, of whom 90% are scheduled on shift work.

Production_Energie_Photo_Principale web

In line with the KT200 project implementation, the energy department will see its production capacities increase in the coming years with the installation of a new 43 bar 150 t/h boiler as well as the renewal of boiler room turbine-generator units by units more suited to the department’s different operating modes depending on the sugar season (campaign and inter-campaign). All of this is intended to allow CSS to become self-sufficient from an energy point of view and improve its production efficiency.