Sugar production

Our sugar production department is very technologically advanced compared to most other sugar companies. It is composed of a sugar plant, a refinery and a packaging unit.

Production is largely made up of 97% refined sugar and brown sugar which market research will output the rate of production.

Recent investments have contributed to increase the productivity. This trend is expected to continue in the coming seasons.

Production_Sucre_Photo_Principale web

The continuous development initiated since 2016 at the plant level, in order to meet the capacity and quality requirements, will be completed by 2024/2025 with the commissioning of a new discolouration station, a new energy plant and a new sugar dryer.

The trainings that were provided to operators, to develop their capacity, have enabled to maintain good performance during periods of major transition to newly installed technologies. The teams have shown that they were able to adapt positively to the changes.

The CSS factory currently produces 150,000 tons of sugar and has a state-of-the-art production tool capable of processing 250,000 tonnes of sugar even if the target volume of cane to be processed has not yet been reached due to a lack of sufficient land.