White Sugar

Sugar production is the historical activity of the the CSS and represents more than 93% of the turnover.

The CSS sugar complies with quality standards and is packaged in a 50 kg bag sold to wholesalers and industrialists and occupies nearly 97% of the market share followed by the cube in the form of 2 ranges (SOUKI and SUNU SUKËR) with more than 2% and the rest at the mini packaging ranges (SOUKI and SUNU SUKËR) which is used in the daily life of consumers in bags of 5 kg, 1 kg, 250 g and 5 g sticks.

The company has developed these two ranges of white sugar to adapt to the needs of customers and the evolution of the Senegalese market. They are found in large, medium and small retailers, hotels and restaurants.

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Brown sugar

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By listening to the expectations of its consumers, the CSS is innovating to support new consumption habits and by introducing on the market since 2021 the brown sugar which enables to make even tastier preparations.

Cane sugar is naturally brown and less refined than white sugar so more natural, it contains more nutrients.

The SUKËR ROUX range offers to consumers the best sugar cane with a complete range of brown sugar in bags of 5 kg, 1 kg, 250 g, 5 g and cubes.

Recognizable by its pretty golden brown color, the brown sugar reveals irresistible aromatic notes of vanilla and caramel.

List of packagings of the sugar production :

White sugar

  • Buchette souki Box 500g
  • Buchette sunu suker Box 500g
  • Refined sugar in cubes 1KG
  • Souki sugar refined in cubes 1KG
  • Refined White Crystallized Sugar sunu suker 5KG
  • Souki white sugar refined in 5KG
  • Refined Sugar Crystallized 50 KG Bag
  • Sugar White souki Sachets 250G
  • Sugar White sunu suker Sachets 250G

Brown sugar

  • Suker Roux Sachets 250G
  • Suker Roux Sachets 1KG
  • Suker Roux Sachets 5KG
  • Buchette Suker Roux box 500G
  • Suker Roux cubes 1KG