HR policy

Our human resources policy

Convinced of the importance of people in its KT150 program, CSS wishes to make its human capital the basis of its growth.

This new vision carried by the Human Resources Department is based on major areas such as:

  • Allow each structure of the organization to permanently have the skills necessary for its operation while providing the working conditions necessary for their optimal performance.
  • Support each employee to help them get to know themselves better, identify their potential and areas for improvement in order to formulate their personal development plan (PDP).
  • Ensure CSS performance through better generational transfer of skills and the definition of a succession plan.
  • Developing the Corporate Culture.
  • Promote a local HR culture to take care of employees in a more personalized way, particularly in supporting transformation and the acquisition of new skills.
  • Guarantee the employability of employees by anticipating the skills and professions of the future (anticipate and support the transformation of the company, by thinking about the development of skills, by working on the managerial culture, or by adapting the workplaces. )
  • Being an attractive company, capable of retaining its quality human resources and strongly aware of respect for social justice.