Men and Sugar at the Entrance of the Desert

A Limited Liability Company (Société Anonyme) with a capital of 14.6 billion CFA francs, the Compagnie Sucrière Sénégalaise was created in the early 1970s thanks to the project of Jacques MIMRAN. The CSS agro-industrial complex, unique in Senegal, extends over more than 15,000 ha in the Senegal River Valley at the entrance of Richard Toll City. The overall operations from cane processing to refined sugar is carried out in the plant.

With an annual capacity of more than 1,500,000 tons of cane and a production of more than 140,000 tons of sugar, the CSS endeavours to achieve 200,000 tons by 2024/2025 thanks to the future KT 200 project. This aims at achieving the country’s self-sufficiency in sugar, thus consolidating its leading position in the sugar industry in West Africa.

The sugar factory complex consists of:

  • A cane crushing unit
  • A sugar mill
  • A refinery
  • A cubing plant
  • And a distillery for ethanol production.

In addition, as a key player in the regional economy along with a strong local presence, the CSS contributes to local development through its social and societal actions (supply of water and electricity to neighboring populations, health support, education, etc.).

The Company employs around 8,000 people during the sugar campaign (from November to June) thereby positioning itself, after the Government, in a leading position among Senegal private employers.



experience in the
cultivation of sugar cane


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Top private employer
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